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Countering China Is for the BIRDs

June 21, 2020  •  Newsweek

In 1950, as Cold War tensions were on the rise, President Harry Truman asked allies to stand and be counted. Israel reflexively stepped up and backed the president who bravely supported the creation of the Jewish state just two years before.

Seventy years later, new cold war tensions are stirring. This time, the adversary is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The White House is once again asking allies to step forward. Israel is expected to oblige. After all, America is its most important ally. But Jerusalem can't afford to move too quickly, this time. Its financial stability is at stake.

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review of Arafat and Abbas: Portraits of Leadership in a State Postponed

June 4, 2020  •  Middle East Quarterly

Bar-Ilan University professor Klein had a front row seat for the collapse of the Oslo process, having advised the Israeli government when talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) imploded in 2000 and taking part in the failed 2003 Geneva initiative.

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Don't Bail Out Tehran's Precision Guided Munitions Project

May 15, 2020  •  Real Clear Defense

Iran, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, is demanding sanctions relief. Lebanon, too, is looking for a financial bailout after defaulting on a Eurobond. Neither should get the financial aid they are requesting.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its terrorist proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon are undertaking a dangerous and determined campaign to field a precision-guided munitions (PGMs) arsenal across the Middle East. These weapons are as deadly as they are accurate. They can strike within a few meters of an intended target. They represent a grave threat to U.S. and allied forces stationed across the Middle East. They also pose a threat to Israel and Gulf Arab allies in the region.

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How to Decouple Key Supply Chains From China

May 13, 2020  •  Newsweek

The great power competition between Washington and Beijing is heating up. The U.S. effort to contain China's rise is now on full display, as the Trump administration (rightly) blames China for failing to contain the coronavirus pandemic. But the American desire to isolate China, both politically and economically, is no simple matter. China is either the largest or second largest economy in the world, depending upon the metric. And as a result of our longstanding efforts to seduce the Chinese Communist Party with the perks of capitalism, America and its allies are heavily reliant upon inexpensive Chinese products and Chinese-controlled supply chains.

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Pompeo to Israel: A Scene Setter

May 11, 2020  •  FDD Insight

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Israel on Wednesday. It will be the first international trip by a senior American official since the COVID-19 pandemic began. During his visit, Pompeo will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the man who will be his new defense minister and primary coalition partner, Benny Gantz, perhaps on the day they form their new unity government.

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