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Time To Kick Turkey Out Of NATO?

October 10, 2014  •  Politico Magazine

The Kurdish town of Kobane in western Syria is under siege by the Islamic State. A U.S.-led coalition has hit at the jihadists sieging Kobane—with 13 strikes on Wednesday and Thursday—but bombs alone may not suffice. It is the Turkish military, whose tanks are currently sitting on the Syrian border, that may be in the best position to save stave off a mass slaughter. But the Turks refuse to join the fight, even though the Turkish Parliament voted on Oct. 2 to deploy the Turkish army to fight in Iraq and Syria, and to allow foreign troops on Turkish soil. A week after the vote, Turkey has not participated in any U.S.-led operations against the Islamic State.

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Boosting Turkey as it Backs Terror

September 25, 2014  •  New York Post

Turkey's lax border policies have enabled ISIS to finance and arm its fighters in Syria; ISIS cells are now operating throughout Turkey.

And Turkey also helped Iran, a state sponsor of terror, evade sanctions to the tune of billions of dollars in 2012 and 2013. Yet this week, Turkey chaired the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum in New York.

It could be an item from The Onion — except it's not satire.

Launched in 2011 after the failure of previous multilateral groups to tackle terrorism, the 30-country GCTF has itself become a farce — not least because Turkey is the co-chair, along with the United States.

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Hamas's Benefactors: A Network of Terror

September 9, 2014  •  Hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa; Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade

Chairman Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman Poe, Ranking Member Deutch, Ranking Member Sherman, and distinguished members of these subcommittees, on behalf of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, I thank you for the opportunity to discuss with you today the state sponsors of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

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Where the Shadiest Players Find a Home

September 8, 2014  •  The Tower

Speaking at conference of Islamic scholars in Istanbul in August, senior Hamas leader-in-exile Saleh al-Arouri announced that his terrorist group had carried out the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in June. The group had vociferously denied its involvement in the attack at the time, and the Israeli arrest of several Hamas operatives contributed to the tensions that ultimately yielded this summer's Gaza war. Some even claimed that an unwarranted Israeli crackdown on Hamas directly prompted this most recent round of violence.

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Washington Needs to Help Cut Off Outside Aid to Hamas

August 5, 2014  •  New York Times

To help bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Washington needs to stop thinking about redrawing the map for a while, and start following the money. It must bring an end to the activities of outside malefactors who fan the flames of this conflict by supporting violent Palestinian radical groups like Hamas.

One good place to start would be Qatar, which provides Hamas a range of support, from financial backing to political cover to an external headquarters in Doha. Similarly, Turkey must be held to account for its ongoing material and political support to Hamas, as well as sheltering at least one known Hamas operative.

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