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The Gaza War That Nobody Wants

May 19, 2015  •  Jerusalem Post

Israel and Hamas would probably rather not go to war again this summer, but rogue Hamas factions may push the two into conflict again.

Hamas's Gaza-based political leaders, who have failed to attract funding to rebuild homes and other key civilian needs after Israel laid waste to much of their military infrastructure, understand that another war would be devastating. Likewise, Israel would rather keep its powder dry for more serious threats, including Hezbollah to its north, Islamic State in Syria, and possibly even Iran.

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Israeli Voters Reacted to the Threats They Face

May 8, 2015  •  New York Times, Room for Debate

There is little doubt that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new coalition government of right wing parties, is not particularly enthusiastic about negotiating with the current Palestinian leadership. But it doesn't matter what these politicians think now or have said in the past. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not happening in the next two years.

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Reported Israeli Raid on Sudan Could Reveal Khartoum's Duplicity

May 6, 2015  •  FDD Policy Brief

Sudan may have joined the Saudi-led fight against Iran-backed proxies in Yemen last month, but it also may still be cooperating with Iran to arm the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Multiple Arab media outlets reported an explosion in an area west of Khartoum on Tuesday night. By Wednesday, the Sudanese military claimed it had shot down an Israeli drone carrying two missiles.

The Israelis have neither confirmed nor denied. However, the Israelis have historically targeted weapons in Sudan bound for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

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How to Keep the Financial Pressure on Iran and its Proxies

April 13, 2015  •  Huffington Post Blog

"...Our concerns will remain with respect to Iranian behavior so long as Iran continues its sponsorship of terrorism, its support for proxies who destabilize the Middle East, its threats against America's friends and allies -- like Israel," President Barack Obama said, immediately after lauding Washington's new nuclear framework agreement with Iran.

"So make no mistake," he added. "We will remain vigilant in countering those actions and standing with our allies."

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Despite nuclear deal, can Iran be trusted?

April 3, 2015  •  New York Daily News

After grueling negotiations in Switzerland that stretched on for more than a week — two days beyond the initial deadline — Iran has negotiated permanent sanctions relief in exchange for temporary constraints on its nuclear activity.

President Obama claims the deal is a victory for the United States and our allies overseas most threatened by Iran's nuclear advances — namely Israel and the Gulf Arab states. But the leaders of these countries, not to mention critics here at home, will rightly note that Iran has managed to retain most of the major components of its nuclear infrastructure, and it will continue to conduct research and development on centrifuges (it will continue to enrich uranium with more than 5,000 of them).

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