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Interviews & Speeches

Title Publication Date
Israel and the Territories: Calculating the Risk/Reward Ratio FDD June 24, 2020
U.S. cutting funding to Iraq Fox News November 4, 2015
Qatar and Turkey as Supporters of Terrorism Jerusalem Post September 18, 2014
US aid to the Palestinian Authority Fox News May 6, 2014
Terrorism Finance in Turkey: A Growing Concern February 27, 2014
Middle East arms race - Iran's role CNN February 8, 2014
Western intervention in Syria Bloomberg TV August 28, 2013
The Turkish-American Alliance: Opportunities and Challenges April 12, 2013
Trying Abu Ghaith in civilian court Fox News March 26, 2013
Arab Spring Turns Two Fox News January 11, 2013
Hamas Israel War Fox News November 19, 2012
Saudi Arabia's role in War on Terror Fox News September 11, 2012
Syria's Russian Arms Pipeline Fox News June 15, 2012
Terrorist Financing Since 9/11 House Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence May 18, 2012
SWIFT bans Iran according to sanctions Bloomberg TV March 19, 2012
Sanctioning Iran Fox Business February 16, 2012
Is Hamas Changing? Foundation for Defense of Democracies February 15, 2012
Implications of Syria's fate for Iran Fox News February 13, 2012
The Evolving Palestinian Strategy FDD Washington Forum December 8, 2011
Palestinian Unilateral Statehood at the UN FDD September 22, 2011
U.S. Imposes Sanctions in Syria Fox News August 18, 2011
Hamas and Fatah Center for Security Policy May 19, 2011
Hamas-Fatah reconciliation and the peace process BBC World News May 5, 2011
How Usama Bin Laden's Death Will Affect Al Qaeda's Ability to Raise Money Fox News May 3, 2011
What's next from al Qaeda after Osama bin Laden Bloomberg Television May 2, 2011
Mid-East Headlines Fox 5 February 28, 2011
Should the Muslim Brotherhood be a concern in Egypt? Fox 5 News February 4, 2011
Risk of 'Islamist State' If Mubarak Stays Bloomberg TV February 1, 2011
Is the Obama Administration lacking direction on the crisis in Egypt? Fox Business January 28, 2011
Analyzing the Egypt protests Bloomberg Radio January 28, 2011
Schanzer Says Educated Classes Driving Egypt Protests Bloomberg TV January 28, 2011
Chasing Middle East Peace Foundation for Defense of Democracies December 13, 2010
Who funded recent terror plots from Yemen? Fox Business November 1, 2010
Adam Gadahn's influence as a spokesperson for al Qaeda Fox Business October 25, 2010
Measuring the Palestinian Pulse BBC World News October 4, 2010
Questions about the Ground Zero mosque Fox Business August 19, 2010
Delays in Terrorist Arrests Fox Business July 8, 2010
The U.S.-Israel Relationship The Alyona Show July 7, 2010
White House Rebukes McChrystal over Remarks CBN News June 22, 2010
UN Sanctions Against Iran Fox News: Fox & Friends June 14, 2010
Implications of the Gaza Flotilla Raid WIND Chicago June 2, 2010
A new Middle East peace deal CBC: Power & Politics May 18, 2010
Faisal Shahzad and Terror Finance Fox News: Happening Now May 14, 2010
Hezbollah and Scud Missiles PJTV: National Security Review May 6, 2010
The Arrest of Faisal Shahzad Fox News: Fox and Friends May 5, 2010
The Terror Case to Come Radio America: Dateline Washington May 4, 2010
From Baghdad to South Park Pajamas TV April 28, 2010
Analysis of the Netanyahu-Obama Meeting ABC 8, Northern Virginia March 23, 2010
Jihad Jane and Iran Sanctions Fox Business March 9, 2010
Iraq Election a Turning Point for Democracy? CBN News March 5, 2010
Interview on the Shalit Negotiations CBC Radio: The Current December 23, 2009
Iran, the Palestinians, J-Street, and Fort Hood WEBY 1330AM November 17, 2009
Round table on the Obama peace process WEBY 1330AM September 22, 2009
9-11 Anniversary and Status of al Qaida Voice of America: Encounter September 13, 2009
Hamas vs. Al-Qaeda August 20, 2009
Ben Barrack interviews Jonathan Schanzer The Ben Barrack Show July 12, 2009
Combating "Violent Extremism" or "Radical Islam?" Voice of America: Encounter June 14, 2009
New Hope for Peace United States Institute for Peace June 13, 2009
Cliff May Interviews Jonathan Schanzer on Hamas vs. Fatah C-Span: Book TV June 7, 2009
Middle East Panel with Jonathan Schanzer, Sam Brownback, Giora Eiland & Daniel Pipes Endowment for Middle East Truth (Emet) June 3, 2009
Interview on inter-Palestinian conflict The Justice Hour with Lisa Macci May 11, 2009
Continued Challenges For Palestinian Unity The Israel Project March 25, 2009
The Struggle Within Palestine Brooklyn College March 19, 2009
The Middle East Chessboard IRN/USA Radio Network March 14, 2009
Why Hamas and Fatah Fight Near East Report February 19, 2009
Interview on Israel's Elections CBC Radio: The Current February 9, 2009
The Obama Administration, Hamas and the Gaza Crisis The Heritage Foundation January 30, 2009
Interview: Dissecting the Hamas-Israel war The Dennis Prager Show January 12, 2009
Schanzer and Medved Talk Gaza The Michael Medved Show January 9, 2009
Discussing the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza WEBY 1330AM December 29, 2008
How Hamas Governs Gaza December 11, 2008
The Role of Fatah November 27, 2008
First Person Statement Middle East Strategy at Harvard November 18, 2008
Interview with Jonathan Schanzer on "Hamas vs. Fatah" November 14, 2008
The Hamas-Fatah War & Israeli Security Middle East Forum November 3, 2008
The Palestinian Rocket Report June 10, 2008
New Bin Laden Video Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor September 11, 2007
Modern Islam and Terrorism Young America's Foundation July 30, 2007
Know Thy Enemy - Radical Islam and the War on "Terror" May 23, 2007
How the US Government Fights Terrorist Funding RJC Bulletin March 1, 2007
Interview with Jonathan Schanzer on "Al-Qaeda's Armies" March 3, 2005
Middle East Affiliate Groups and the Next Generation of Terror Washington Institute Special Policy Forum December 1, 2004
A look at Shiite Cleric Mutada al Sadr CNN: In the Money August 21, 2004
A look at Shiite Cleric Mutada al Sadr CNN In The Money August 21, 2004
The Link Between Saddam & Al Qaeda Fox News Channel: The O'Reilly Factor July 2, 2004
Saddam Hussein's Links to Zarqawi Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor July 1, 2004
Perspective On Johnson's Execution by al Qaeda Militants CNNfn June 18, 2004
Analysis of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Fox News June 18, 2004
Who is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Fox News May 15, 2004
A Look At The Changing Face Of Terroism CNN: In the Money May 13, 2004
The Iraq War: How It Was Seen in the Middle East Middle East Forum April 21, 2004
Efforts of Yemen in the war on terror National Public Radio March 21, 2004
A Look At The Changing Face Of Terrorism CNN: In the Money March 13, 2004
Khazal Should Be Listed as 'Specially Designated Terrorist': US Expert ABC Radio (Australia) December 23, 2003
Safety of US Troops In Iraq CNNfn November 3, 2003
Bilal Khazal linked to Lebanese terrorist group ABC Radio (Australia) October 6, 2003
Bomb at Jordanian Embassy in Iraq kills 10 CBC News Morning August 7, 2003
Interview with Jonathan Schanzer, Washington Institute for Near East Peace VOA News May 19, 2003
Al-Qaeda's Attacks in Saudi Arabia, 2003 Fox News: Brit Hume May 13, 2003
Understanding Shiite Rituals Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor April 23, 2003
Debating the Middle East Crisis The Hill April 3, 2002

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