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Why has Human Rights Watch become an anti-Israel activist group?
Feb 4, 2019

Israeli Security As the U.S. Leaves Syria
Jan 7, 2019

I'm a Wonk at a Think Tank. Turkish Media Say I'm an International Man of Mystery.
Nov 29, 2018

No Room for U.S. Concessions on Iran's Civilian Nuclear Aims
Nov 7, 2018

Here's how to hit the Saudis — and still serve US interests
Oct 19, 2018

The Experts Were Wrong About the Middle East
Oct 19, 2018

Unlikely Allies, Israel and Egypt Face Joint Challenge in Gaza
Sep 7, 2018

In Saudi-Canada standoff, Riyadh should stand down
Aug 10, 2018

Expose the Palestinian 'Refugee' Scam
Jul 6, 2018

Kuwait and Oman Are Stuck in Arab No Man's Land
Jun 14, 2018

Oman's Dangerous Double Game
Jun 11, 2018

Mike Pompeo just gave the Iran speech Kerry should have given
May 21, 2018

For Gaza's suffering, blame Hamas
May 17, 2018

Palestinian Nationalism Is at Its Lowest Point Ever
May 15, 2018

The delicate balance of the US-Saudi relationship
May 10, 2018

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