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The Qatar Quarrel Benefits the U.S.
Dec 13, 2017

Jerusalem Is Already Israel's Capital. Trump Just Made it Official.
Dec 7, 2017

US Treasury takes on terrorism: Non-kinetic warfare that works
Nov 6, 2017

Ending America's Paralyzed Iran Policy
Oct 11, 2017

How Washington Can Counter the Rise of Hezbollah
Sep 29, 2017

Stand up against these terror groups to bolster the US- Egypt alliance
Sep 23, 2017

How Do Palestinians Define "Terrorism"?
Sep 12, 2017

Trump's right: It's time to end the timetables for Afghanistan
Aug 22, 2017

Qatar's Support of The Worst of the Worst In Libya Must End
Aug 6, 2017

Hamas to Remain on the EU Terror List
Aug 2, 2017

These days, it's the clash of the Arabian Gulf cash in Washington
Jun 23, 2017

There's No Such Thing as the 'Arab Street'
May 16, 2017

By Hosting Hamas, Qatar is Whitewashing Terror
May 11, 2017

Russia Risks a Showdown With Israel over Hezbollah in Syria
Apr 29, 2017

Time for the US to Stop Qatar's Support for Terror
Apr 21, 2017

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