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Iran's Multifront Strategy Against Israel

May 10, 2023  •  Commentary

Rockets from Gaza flew toward Tel Aviv on May 10, only a few weeks after Israel celebrated its 75th anniversary. Against all odds, the country has survived despite multiple wars with its neighbors, a dearth of natural resources, and countless other challenges. But the rockets are a reminder that there are no permanent victories in the Middle East. Only permanent battles. There is a real possibility that Israel will be facing a serious war with enemies coming at it from various sides for the first time in nearly half a century—one coordinated out of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but fought along Israel's borders by Tehran's terror proxies. Indeed, just a day before the rocket barrage, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly spoke of "an attempt by Iran to start a multi-front campaign against us."

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Jordan's Threat to the Middle Eastern Order

April 21, 2023  •  The Dispatch

The month-long Muslim holiday of Ramadan ends today, and the Middle East appears to have narrowly averted a war. Just days ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran threatened to wipe the Israeli cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv off the map. This came in wake of statements by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei touting his coordination of terrorist groups that recently attacked Israel. Iran-backed violence was reported this month in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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Halevi's Horizon: What Awaits the New Israeli Defense Chief of Staff

April 17, 2023  •  FDD Research Memo

Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi became the 23rd chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in January. During his nearly four decades in the IDF, Halevi served as commander of the Sayeret Matkal (Special Forces), the Operational Division of the Military Intelligence Directorate, and the IDF Command and Staff College; as chief of the Military Intelligence Directorate and Southern Command; and as IDF deputy chief of staff. A 55-year-old Jerusalem native, Halevi is widely regarded as a capable officer willing to undertake difficult reforms.

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Pray for Peace This Ramadan

March 21, 2023  •  Newsweek

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins March 22. It celebrates the month during which Muslims believe Allah revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. The holiday, marked by fasting and prayer, is intended to be a period of abstinence, penance, and spiritual introspection.

However, the holiday has recently become synonymous with Palestinian violence. According to the Biden administration, the month could be a "recipe for disaster in Jerusalem" this year. One American official sees "reason to assume that the violence this year will be worse."

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Biden's State Department ignores Iranian death plots inside America

March 8, 2023  •  New York Post

It took quite a bit longer than it should have, but the State Department finally released its 2021 Country Reports on Terrorism.

As ever, the document covers the countries that experienced attacks, those that sponsored terrorism and other states of concern. It also includes information on entities "responsible for the death, kidnapping, or injury of Americans."

The analysis never includes a focus on the threat environment in the United States itself.

But given the Islamic Republic of Iran's alarming surge in attempts on the lives of American citizens in America, perhaps it's time to do so.

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