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What Is America's Role in the World?
Symposium Contribution

October 1, 2021  •  Washington Examiner

OBITUARY: The U.S.-Led World Order died in Afghanistan on Aug. 30, 2021, three days shy of its 76th birthday. Cause of death was internal bleeding from self-inflicted wounds.

The Order was born Sept. 2, 1945, on the USS Missouri. Early on, it protected the world from socialism and communism. Later, it defended millions of people from terrorism. Though it was maligned in recent years, the U.S.-Led World Order was a devoted champion of democracy around the globe. Its enduring legacy is the spread of unprecedented technological, medical, and economic advances worldwide.

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The Bizarre Positive Biden Spin on Afghanistan

October 2021  •  Commentary Magazine

The disastrous American military withdrawal from Afghanistan is complete. After a deadly ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) attack that killed 13 American servicemen, in the wake of a lightning Taliban offensive that left the country firmly in the hands of al-Qaeda's long-standing ally, and amid the fallout from a half-baked evacuation effort that still left Americans stranded, the White House has worked feverishly to recast it all as a hard-fought success in the struggle to end America's longest war.

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review of Countdown Bin Laden

September 12, 2021  •  Washington Free Beacon

This is a book about an American victory in the war against al Qaeda and its allies. Savor it, for there may not be another book like it for some time. America has just concluded an embarrassingly messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, yielding the Taliban a massive victory. After 20 years of fighting, thousands of American troops killed or injured, and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars spent, the Taliban has won the war. Of course, the Biden administration is spinning America's botched departure as a huge success. But that's simply not reality.

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Forging the American-Israeli Alliance of the Future

September 3, 2021  •  Newsweek

In the shadow of the ISIS-K attack that killed 13 American troops in Afghanistan, Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett met President Joe Biden at the White House. The visit reaffirmed the close ties between the two countries. But deeper questions linger about the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship. After years of partnership defined by the Cold War, the pursuit of peace and fighting terrorism, the alliance needs a new driving force.

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review of The Rise and Fall of Osama Bin Laden

August 1, 2021  •  Washington Free Beacon

"Bin Laden? Why are you reading that?" asked the proprietor of an Israeli bodega just off the Tel Aviv beach. I was buying a bottle of water, but the shop was full of multicolored flags, thongs, and glitter. The pride parade had just ended. The man took my money, looked at me, and then my book again. He shrugged.

I left the shop chuckling. If only Osama bin Laden knew. He was obsessed with the destruction of both Israel and the United States. Israel was certainly getting the last laugh. And America, after assassinating him on May 2, 2011, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, seemed to have gotten the last word.

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