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The Quiet War between Israel and Iran

December 2, 2022  •  Middle East Quarterly

A major war has been underway for a decade in the Middle East though it infrequently makes headlines. Month after month, week after week, and night after night, the Israelis have operated across the region against the Islamic Republic of Iran in what the Israeli government calls "the-war-between-wars" (or "the-campaign-between-wars").

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What is missing from America's China policy? Skin in the Game

December 1, 2022  •  Washington Examiner

Democrats and Republicans may agree on the threats associated with the rise of China. But Washington is abysmal at helping America's allies navigate this new great power competition. Washington has consistently failed to compete for the infrastructure bids it seeks to block China from winning. To add insult to injury, when China expectedly wins its bids, America comes down on its allies like a ton of bricks.

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Israel must reclaim its Arab citizens

November 18, 2022  •  Jerusalem Post

The rise of right-leaning candidates in Israel's November 1 election has been derided by a gaggle of breathless commentators, notably The New York Times' Thomas Friedman, lamenting the end of Israel as we once knew it. First, it should be noted that such prognostications are wildly premature; Israel's government has yet to be formed. Moreover, it's worth noting what these observers have until now ignored: the elections were heavily influenced by the 11-day war in May 2021, also known as Operation Guardian of the Walls.

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Wary of China, Israel Toughens Screening of Foreign Investments

November 17, 2022  •  FDD Policy Brief

The Israeli Cabinet's National Security Affairs Committee approved a resolution on October 12 to establish a more rigorous oversight mechanism to prevent foreign investments that pose national security risks. This is the Israeli government's most assertive response to date amidst growing U.S. pressure to update Israel's foreign investment screening mechanism, which Israel established in 2019.

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Lifting the arms embargo on Cyprus is a major opportunity to aid Ukraine

September 22, 2022  •  Breaking Defense

The Biden administration announced on Friday a decision to lift the decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus for the coming fiscal year. This laudable step recognizes Nicosia's progress related to financial reforms and denying port calls of the Russian navy.

More importantly, it offers a valuable opportunity, with some delicate diplomatic maneuvering, to reach an agreement with Nicosia to transfer some of its Russian-made arms to Ukraine in return for the provision of modern US equipment and other security assistance.

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