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Title Publication Date
Sanction the Hamas nongovernmental organization in Turkey Washington Examiner January 23, 2024
Targeting Jihad Yaghmour and the Hamas operation in Turkey Washington Examiner November 14, 2023
Hamas's Enablers Should Take Gaza Refugees Wall Street Journal October 15, 2023
Turkey Supports Hamas, Which Means an Alliance With Israel Isn't Going To Happen Mosaic June 28, 2022
Turkish bank rulings should be a wakeup call for global financial institutions Al-Arabiya November 8, 2020
Trump's Turkey problem Washington Examiner October 25, 2019
Trump gave Erdogan everything he wanted New York Post October 24, 2019
Turkey is now a haven for terrorists and an enabler of terrorism New York Post September 24, 2019
Trump Can't Afford to Go Soft on Turkey Wall Street Journal May 16, 2019
It's time to lift the arms embargo on Cyprus The Hill May 8, 2019
The Prospect of U.S. Sanctions Exacerbates Turkey's Political and Economic Risks FDD Memo April 1, 2019
I'm a Wonk at a Think Tank. Turkish Media Say I'm an International Man of Mystery. The Weekly Standard November 29, 2018
The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History The Atlantic January 4, 2018
Turkish NGOs Under Fire for Alleged Hamas Support FDD Policy Brief March 22, 2017
Trump Wants to Shake Up the World Order? Here's Where He Should Start Politico Magazine December 11, 2016
Bogus foreign-policy debates: How we're helping our enemies fool us New York Post August 4, 2016
The Fight Against ISIS Will Suffer Because of Turkey's Coup New York Times July 19, 2016
Turkey's Strongman Will Exploit The Failed Coup Huffington Post July 18, 2016
Airport attack should have come as no surprise to Turkey New York Post June 30, 2016
Turkey Has Been Reckless, Repressive and Unreliable New York Times March 29, 2016
Nuclear Deal: Impact on Iran-Turkey Economic Relations Roubini Global Economics February 2016
Ankara's Failure: How Turkey Lost the Arab Spring Foreign Affairs January 26, 2016
How Terrorism Came Back to Turkey The National Interest January 18, 2016
How Turkey's Porous Border With Syria Ties Into Islamic State Financing WSJ Think Tank December 2, 2015
Turkey Awakens to the Islamic State Threat Within Wall Street Journal Europe August 21, 2015
The Perils of Joining Turkey in the Fight against ISIS The National Interest August 11, 2015
Ankara Alone: Turkey's Disastrous Foreign Policy Weekly Standard June 3, 2015
Turkish Medium-Term Economic Scenarios: The Costs of Policy Stasis FDD and Roubini Global Economics June 2015
Turkey's Secret Proxy War in Libya? The National Interest March 16, 2015
Jihadi General Hospital Huffington Post March 11, 2015
A Resurgent Terrorist Threat in Turkey Wall Street Journal Europe February 5, 2015
Islamic State sleeper cells a threat to Turkey Long War Journal January 27, 2015
The Turkey-Hamas Nexus The National Interest January 16, 2015
Hamas's Main Man From Turkey to Tehran Foreign Policy December 8, 2014
An Election Won't Change Israel's Challenges or Its Response New York Times December 7, 2014
Bordering on Terrorism FDD Research November 24, 2014
Time To Kick Turkey Out Of NATO? Politico Magazine October 10, 2014
Boosting Turkey as it Backs Terror New York Post September 25, 2014
Qatar and Turkey as Supporters of Terrorism Jerusalem Post September 18, 2014
Where the Shadiest Players Find a Home The Tower September 8, 2014
Lying Down with Dogs Foreign Policy August 20, 2014
Washington Needs to Help Cut Off Outside Aid to Hamas New York Times August 5, 2014
The Will to Win an Unavoidable War Washington Times July 30, 2014
Why Qatar and Turkey Can't Solve the Crisis in Gaza The National Interest July 23, 2014
Friendless in the Middle East Politico July 15, 2014
An Unhelpful Ally Wall Street Journal Europe June 25, 2014
When America's Enemies Are Also Its Friends The National Interest June 16, 2014
If All Else Fails, Blame the Israelis Foreign Policy May 29, 2014
Turkey's Teflon Don Foreign Policy March 31, 2014
Turkish Prosecutor's Report Highlights Illicit Iran Transactions FDD Policy Brief March 20, 2014
The Anatomy of Turkey's "Gas-For Gold" Scheme with Iran FDD Policy Brief March 14, 2014
Turkey's Terror Finance Connections The Turkey Analyst March 12, 2014
Turkey's support for terrorism Fox News February 25, 2014
Turkey Remains on Terror Finance 'Gray List' FDD Policy Brief February 14, 2014
An Edge in the Desert Foreign Policy February 3, 2014
Erdoğan's Trip to Tehran FDD Policy Brief January 27, 2014
Turkish Flotilla Charity Tied to Terrorism Again FDD Policy Brief January 23, 2014
Iran's Turkish Gold Rush Foreign Policy December 26, 2013
Turkey Cashes in on the Iran Talks Reuters December 12, 2013
Is Turkey Abetting Iran? The National Interest November 1, 2013
Hamas Leader Meets Turkey's Prime Minster in Ankara FDD Policy Brief October 8, 2013


Title Publication Date
Foundation for Defense of Democracies Issues Report Outlining Turkey's Terror Finance Challenges Announcement February 21, 2014

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