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Jonathan Schanzer
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Writings by Topic: Sudan

Title Publication Date
The May 2021 Israel-Hamas war was a stress test for normalization Al Arabiya November 12, 2021
Celebrating a crucial milestone for the people of Sudan and for the United States The Washington Times October 28, 2020
Israel's next peace deal will be with Sudan New York Post September 23, 2020
Easing Sanctions on Sudan Erodes U.S. Leverage FDD Policy Brief January 16, 2017
Reported Israeli Raid on Sudan Could Reveal Khartoum's Duplicity FDD Policy Brief May 6, 2015
U.N. for Combating Terror Finance to Convene in Sudan, a State Sponsor of Terror Weekly Standard Blog April 27, 2013
Why is the West doing business with Sudan? National Post April 5, 2013
Why U.S.-Israel Ties Just Got Warmer November 28, 2012
A Pillar of Problems Foreign Policy November 17, 2012
Why Israel Attacked Gaza National Post November 15, 2012
Did Israel and the U.S. Just Cooperate on a Dry-Run for an Iran Intervention? The New Republic November 3, 2012
Pariah State IHS Defense, Risk and Security Consulting June 2012
Fighting Terror in Sudan YNet News April 20, 2011
The Islamic Republic of Sudan? June 10, 2010

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