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Writings by Topic: Syria

Title Publication Date
Iran-backed narco-terrorists are making billions and widening the war in the Middle East NY Post January 23, 2024
The War After the War Between Wars Commentary October 13, 2023
Iran's Multifront Strategy Against Israel Commentary May 10, 2023
The Quiet War between Israel and Iran Middle East Quarterly December 2, 2022
PGMs: Iran's Precision-Guided Munitions Project in the Shadow of a Nuclear Deal FDD Research Memo September 12, 2022
Russia's Withdrawal From Syria Is an Opportunity for Israel Newsweek May 20, 2022
No one believes Biden has a red line in Ukraine after Obama's Syria debacle New York Post March 29, 2022
A New Threat to Iron Dome The Dispatch November 10, 2021
Get Ready for a New Type of Israeli War The National Interest July 11, 2020
Pompeo to Israel: A Scene Setter FDD Insight May 11, 2020
Trump's Turkey problem Washington Examiner October 25, 2019
Trump gave Erdogan everything he wanted New York Post October 24, 2019
Trump Calls for Israeli Sovereignty over Golan Heights FDD Policy Brief March 21, 2019
Israeli Security As the U.S. Leaves Syria Real Clear Defense January 7, 2019
Why targeting Syria's chemical weapons is not enough to stop rising civilian death toll Fox News April 15, 2018
How Putin's Folly Could Lead to a Middle East War Politico April 9, 2018
The Iran-Israel War Flares Up Wall Street Journal February 12, 2018
Russia Risks a Showdown With Israel over Hezbollah in Syria Newsweek April 29, 2017
Standing With Israel On The Golan Heights Wall Street Journal February 17, 2017
Team Obama's Appalling Smugness on Syrian Refugees New York Post August 31, 2016
Bogus foreign-policy debates: How we're helping our enemies fool us New York Post August 4, 2016
Ankara's Failure: How Turkey Lost the Arab Spring Foreign Affairs January 26, 2016
Blowback: Saudi Arabia vs. Russia in Syria The National Interest October 13, 2015
Treasury and State Department Target Islamic State Financiers FDD Policy Brief September 29, 2015
Turkey Awakens to the Islamic State Threat Within Wall Street Journal Europe August 21, 2015
The Perils of Joining Turkey in the Fight against ISIS The National Interest August 11, 2015
Jihadi General Hospital Huffington Post March 11, 2015
Islamic State sleeper cells a threat to Turkey Long War Journal January 27, 2015
An Election Won't Change Israel's Challenges or Its Response New York Times December 7, 2014
Bordering on Terrorism FDD Research November 24, 2014
An Edge in the Desert Foreign Policy February 3, 2014
Why Qatar Is Quietly Supporting a U.S. Strike in Syria The Atlantic September 3, 2013
Turkey's Mixed Messages on Syria The Atlantic August 30, 2013
Western intervention in Syria Bloomberg TV August 28, 2013
If Iran and Israel fight, Lebanon will be the first battlefield The Globe and Mail February 1, 2013
Why Failed Terror Attack in Jordan Matters to U.S. October 29, 2012
The Cost of Kofi Weekly Standard Blog August 3, 2012
Why the Palestinians are turning against al-Assad August 3, 2012
The Fate of Syria is in the Hands of ... Palestinians? The New Republic July 30, 2012
Syria's Russian Arms Pipeline Fox News June 15, 2012
Saudi Clerics Funnel Cash to Syrian Rebels Through Terror Group Weekly Standard Blog June 12, 2012
It's Time to Add Syria to Kofi Annan's Long List of Failures The New Republic April 9, 2012
Saudi Arabia Is Arming the Syrian Opposition Foreign Policy February 27, 2012
Implications of Syria's fate for Iran Fox News February 13, 2012
A New View of the "Arab Spring" Jerusalem Post January 30, 2012
Anti-Israeli Agenda Expected at Penn Conference Philadelphia Inquirer January 29, 2012
Hamas For Sale? Weekly Standard Online December 21, 2011
U.S. Imposes Sanctions in Syria Fox News August 18, 2011
Achieving The Impossible The American Spectator May 16, 2011
Buying Shares of the Syrian dream The Jerusalem Post March 30, 2009

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