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Jonathan Schanzer
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Writings by Topic: Islam & Democracy

Articles, Reviews

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Title Publication Date
Rushdie attack reveals — again — true nature of Iranian regime The Hill August 13, 2022
There's No Such Thing as the 'Arab Street' Wall Street Journal May 16, 2017
Achieving The Impossible The American Spectator May 16, 2011
Should France Ban the Burqa? National Review Online July 23, 2010
Iraq Election a Turning Point for Democracy? CBN News March 5, 2010

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Islamophobia Industry: How The Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims
by Nathan Lean
Wall Street Journal January 9, 2013
After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy
by Noah Feldman
The Jerusalem Post June 13, 2003

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