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Title Publication Date
Preventing a Ramadan Explosion in the Holy Land The Liberal Patriot February 28, 2024
Hamas's Enablers Should Take Gaza Refugees Wall Street Journal October 15, 2023
Breaking a leg in Jerusalem: How Arab-Israeli kindness challenged my assumptions Jerusalem Post July 10, 2023
Pray for Peace This Ramadan Newsweek March 21, 2023
Why the West Bank is in Chaos Washington Examiner February 24, 2023
What Would a Third Intifada Mean for Palestinians? Newsweek February 23, 2023
Neither Here Nor There: Jordan and the Abraham Accords FDD Research Memo December 9, 2022
PGMs: Iran's Precision-Guided Munitions Project in the Shadow of a Nuclear Deal FDD Research Memo September 12, 2022
Biden blunders on refugees Washington Examiner July 22, 2022
Russia's Withdrawal From Syria Is an Opportunity for Israel Newsweek May 20, 2022
Israel's Arabs are the latest victim of Iran's proxy wars Al-Arabiya December 9, 2021
The May 2021 Israel-Hamas war was a stress test for normalization Al Arabiya November 12, 2021
The War Between Wars Heats Up Commentary Magazine June 2021
Sheikh Jarrah is the latest 'single point of failure' fiction Jerusalem Post May 19, 2021
The U.N. Refugee Agency With Few Actual Refugees Wall Street Journal February 4, 2021
How To Build Upon Recent Progress in the Middle East Newsweek November 17, 2020
How To Maintain Israel's Qualitative Military Edge Newsweek November 4, 2020
Celebrating a crucial milestone for the people of Sudan and for the United States The Washington Times October 28, 2020
Israel's next peace deal will be with Sudan New York Post September 23, 2020
The Biden Agenda: Why 'Outside-In' Diplomacy Could Be the Key to Middle East Peace The Dispatch September 9, 2020
Trump Calls for Israeli Sovereignty over Golan Heights FDD Policy Brief March 21, 2019
Terrorism (The Definitional Debate) Israel Studies Summer 2019
Trump's Subtlety Could Yield Middle East Peace Wall Street Journal March 13, 2019
Expose the Palestinian 'Refugee' Scam Wall Street Journal July 6, 2018
It's Time for a New Palestinian Prez New York Post May 4, 2018
How Trump Can Help the Palestinians and Promote Peace Politico January 27, 2018
Jerusalem Is Already Israel's Capital. Trump Just Made it Official. Fortune December 7, 2017
Standing With Israel On The Golan Heights Wall Street Journal February 17, 2017
Is Abbas the Answer? November 19, 2014
Sweden's Palestinian Refugee Contradiction The Jerusalem Post November 18, 2014
Jerusalem, On A Knife's Edge Foreign Policy November 10, 2014
Washington Needs to Help Cut Off Outside Aid to Hamas New York Times August 5, 2014
Uniting With Terrorists Won't Lead to an Accord with Israel New York Times April 24, 2014
Netanyahu, Abbas, and the Kerry Initiative FDD Policy Brief July 19, 2013
The Third Way For Middle East Peace Wall Street Journal Europe July 4, 2011
Fatah, Hamas, and the Statehood Gambit Commentary June 2011
Implications of the Gaza Flotilla Raid WIND Chicago June 2, 2010
The Terror Finance Flotilla The Weekly Standard (online) May 31, 2010
The Other Mideast Conflict National Post May 25, 2010
A new Middle East peace deal CBC: Power & Politics May 18, 2010
Hezbollah and Scud Missiles PJTV: National Security Review May 6, 2010
The Worst Crisis in 35 Years? National Review Online March 17, 2010
Obama Fans Flames In Israel March 16, 2010
Unilaterally Declaring a State Could Backfire on PLO Frum Forum November 17, 2009
Lost in Marrakesh Frum Forum November 3, 2009
Round table on the Obama peace process WEBY 1330AM September 22, 2009
The Iranian Gambit in Gaza Commentary February 2009
Interview: Dissecting the Hamas-Israel war The Dennis Prager Show January 12, 2009
Schanzer and Medved Talk Gaza The Michael Medved Show January 9, 2009
Discussing the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza WEBY 1330AM December 29, 2008
Palestinian Civil War Casts Shadow Over Peace Talks JTA November 23, 2008
PARC's Anti-Israel Polemics National Review Online July 11, 2008
Ceasefire Backfire? Palestinian Rocket Report June 19, 2008
Not Just Gaza Pajamas Media April 6, 2008
Profs Hammer Israel, Fail to Predict Palestinian War American Thinker March 12, 2008
Morbid Celebrations Weekly Standard (Online) March 10, 2008
Auctioning Jerusalem Foretells Israeli PM's Demise American Thinker November 13, 2007
The Prospects of al-Qaeda in Hamas-Controlled Gaza inFocus Fall 2007
Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh Sham Philadelphia Bulletin June 26, 2007
Assassinations Keep Hamas Off Balance The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles April 23, 2004
Tunnel Vision The Daily Standard August 14, 2003
Will The Intifada Go On Forever? Moment Magazine August 1, 2003
Interview with Jonathan Schanzer, Washington Institute for Near East Peace VOA News May 19, 2003
A Visit Here, A Visit There - Why Did One Prompt Violence? Jewish Exponent August 22, 2002
Palestinian Uprisings Compared Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
Withdrawal Wont Work Wall Street Journal April 15, 2002
Egypt's Peace Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle August 31, 2001
The "Right of Return" Is Suicide for Israel Jewish Exponent February 8, 2001

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Israel's Moment: International Support for and Opposition to Establishing the Jewish State, 1945-1949
by Jeffrey Herf
Jerusalem Post August 6, 2022
Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Islamist Writings on Resistance and Religion
by Erik Skare
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2022
We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land
by Jimmy Carter
The Jerusalem Post March 12, 2009
Innocent Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peace Diplomacy in the Middle East
by Martin Indyk
The Jerusalem Post February 13, 2009
Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam
by David G. Dalin and John F. Rothmann
Jerusalem Post September 5, 2008
Hamas: A History From Within
by Azzam Tamimi
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2008
Inside Hamas: The Untold Story of the Militant Islamic Movement
by Zaki Chehab
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2008
Palestinians Between Nationalism and Islam: Collected Essays
by Raphael Israeli
Jerusalem Post July 11, 2008
The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West and the Future of the Holy City
by Dore Gold
Jerusalem Post May 14, 2007
Israelis and Palestinians: Why Do They Fight? Can They Stop?
by Bernard Wasserstein
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Defending Israel: A Controversial Plan toward Peace
by Martin Van Creveld
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Divided Jerusalem: The Struggle for the Holy City
by Bernard Wasserstein
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Palestine: A Twice Promised Land?: The British, the Arabs & Zionism 1915-1920 , Vol. 1
by Isaiah Friedman
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002

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