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Writings by Topic: Egypt

Title Publication Date
Preventing a Ramadan Explosion in the Holy Land The Liberal Patriot February 28, 2024
Egypt's Gaza Dilemma Commentary December 26, 2023
Israel's Hunt for the Sinwar Brothers Israel's Hunt for the Sinwar Brothers Commentary November 13, 2023
Hamas's Enablers Should Take Gaza Refugees Wall Street Journal October 15, 2023
Why Egypt's Sisi should go to Israel Washington Examiner June 8, 2023
Tensions in Gaza and on Israel's Northern Border – What Next? FDD Insight August 17, 2020
How to Decouple Key Supply Chains From China Newsweek May 13, 2020
Unlikely Allies, Israel and Egypt Face Joint Challenge in Gaza Real Clear Defense September 7, 2018
'Hasm' claims responsibility for attack targeting Myanmar embassy in Cairo Long War Journal October 2, 2017
Stand up against these terror groups to bolster the US- Egypt alliance New York Post September 23, 2017
Ankara's Failure: How Turkey Lost the Arab Spring Foreign Affairs January 26, 2016
Qatar and Turkey as Supporters of Terrorism Jerusalem Post September 18, 2014
An Edge in the Desert Foreign Policy February 3, 2014
Hamas, Egypt and the "Rule of Holes" FD Policy Brief August 16, 2013
What Morsy's Fall Means for Hamas July 11, 2013
A Pillar of Problems Foreign Policy November 17, 2012
Gaza Prepares to Declare Independence (From Palestine) The New Republic September 10, 2012
Egyptian Islamic Group plans to sue Interior Ministry over torture Long War Journal February 25, 2012
A New View of the "Arab Spring" Jerusalem Post January 30, 2012
Achieving The Impossible The American Spectator May 16, 2011
Hosni Mubarak Staying Put - Now What? Politico February 10, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood: The Unreliable Ally Real Clear World February 10, 2011
Has Mubarak Already Won? Politico February 9, 2011
A Power Vacuum in Egypt? Politico February 7, 2011
Should the Muslim Brotherhood be a concern in Egypt? Fox 5 News February 4, 2011
An Immediate Exit for Mubarak? Politico February 4, 2011
Risk of 'Islamist State' If Mubarak Stays Bloomberg TV February 1, 2011
Mubarak Won't Run Again--What's the Effect? Politico February 1, 2011
How Far Will Egypt Tumult Spread? Politico February 1, 2011
The Answer to Egypt's Problems? The New Republic February 1, 2011
Watch the Islamists The National Interest January 31, 2011
What Would a Post-Mubarak Egypt Look Like? Politico January 30, 2011
How Is Obama Handling the Egypt Crisis? Politico January 30, 2011
Is the Obama Administration lacking direction on the crisis in Egypt? Fox Business January 28, 2011
Analyzing the Egypt protests Bloomberg Radio January 28, 2011
Schanzer Says Educated Classes Driving Egypt Protests Bloomberg TV January 28, 2011
Democracy Is Calling in Egypt -- Can Obama Hear It? AOL News January 28, 2011
The Ossification of Egypt The National Interest January 20, 2011
How Egypt Is Helping Iran to Circumvent Sanctions The Atlantic November 15, 2010
The ElBaradei Candidacy The Weekly Standard April 26, 2010
Defund Egypt If It Won't Close Tunnels Investor's Business Daily January 28, 2009
Renewed Iran-Egypt Ties? National Review Online May 1, 2008
Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh Sham Philadelphia Bulletin June 26, 2007
The Egyptian Underground National Review Online October 29, 2003
Gamal Mubarak: Successor Story in Egypt? PolicyWatch October 17, 2002
In Matters of Counterterror, Israel and Egypt are Peas in a Pod Jewish Exponent March 14, 2002
Denial New York Post January 14, 2002
Egypt's Peace Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle August 31, 2001

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