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Title Publication Date
Hamas's Enablers Should Take Gaza Refugees Wall Street Journal October 15, 2023
The Easy Way To Reset Saudi Ties: Sanction The Houthis Again 1945 August 20, 2022
Mideast trip shows Biden choosing pragmatism, rejecting 'Woke' policy i24 July 15, 2022
Reality Bites Biden Washington Examiner June 23, 2022
Jordan Has an Iran Problem. Can Israel and Saudi Arabia Unite to Combat It? The Dispatch May 27, 2022
Yemen's Houthis Belong on the Terror List Wall Street Journal January 25, 2022
A Year of Unforced Errors for Biden in the Middle East The Dispatch January 21, 2022
Hamas violence meets Gulf silence The Hill May 22, 2021
Diplomatic Arson in the Middle East Commentary Magazine April 16, 2021
Biden Should Heed the Concern of Israel and Arab Nations Regarding Iran The Dispatch November 30, 2020
How To Build Upon Recent Progress in the Middle East Newsweek November 17, 2020
I'm a Wonk at a Think Tank. Turkish Media Say I'm an International Man of Mystery. The Weekly Standard November 29, 2018
The Experts Were Wrong About the Middle East The Atlantic October 19, 2018
Here's how to hit the Saudis — and still serve US interests New York Post October 19, 2018
In Saudi-Canada standoff, Riyadh should stand down New York Post August 10, 2018
The delicate balance of the US-Saudi relationship The Hill May 10, 2018
The Qatar Quarrel Benefits the U.S. Wall Street Journal December 13, 2017
These days, it's the clash of the Arabian Gulf cash in Washington The Hill June 23, 2017
Trump Wants to Shake Up the World Order? Here's Where He Should Start Politico Magazine December 11, 2016
The Sunni-Shi'ite Proxy War Heats Up Defense Dossier March 2016
Blowback: Saudi Arabia vs. Russia in Syria The National Interest October 13, 2015
The Saudi Military is Mobilizing. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Huffington Post June 5, 2015
Ankara Alone: Turkey's Disastrous Foreign Policy Weekly Standard June 3, 2015
When America's Enemies Are Also Its Friends The National Interest June 16, 2014
An Edge in the Desert Foreign Policy February 3, 2014
How Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the Tortoise and the Hare of the Middle East The Atlantic August 27, 2013
Saudi Arabia's role in War on Terror Fox News September 11, 2012
Saudi Clerics Funnel Cash to Syrian Rebels Through Terror Group Weekly Standard Blog June 12, 2012
How Saudi Arabia Has Survived—So Far The Journal of International Security Affairs Spring/Summer 2012
The 140-Character Fatwa Foreign Policy May 9, 2012
Saudi Arabia Is Arming the Syrian Opposition Foreign Policy February 27, 2012
Saudi Arabia's Terror Finance Problem The Weekly Standard Online September 7, 2011
Who funded recent terror plots from Yemen? Fox Business November 1, 2010
Analysis of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Fox News June 18, 2004
Al-Qaeda's Attacks in Saudi Arabia, 2003 Fox News: Brit Hume May 13, 2003
Survival of the Skittish National Review Online March 18, 2003

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Kingdom: Saudi Arabia and the Challenge of the 21st Century
by Joshua Craze and Mark Huband
ASMEA Book Notes January 23, 2011

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