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Writings by Topic: Lebanon

Title Publication Date
The Middle East could get even uglier, with Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah ready to wage war on Israel New York Post February 6, 2024
The Hezbollah Two-Step The Hezbollah Two-Step Commentary November 4, 2023
Nasrallah's Big Speech Nasrallah's Big Speech Commentary November 1, 2023
Hamas's Enablers Should Take Gaza Refugees Wall Street Journal October 15, 2023
The War After the War Between Wars Commentary October 13, 2023
U.S. emboldens Hezbollah at Israel's expense Washington Times August 9, 2023
Iran's Multifront Strategy Against Israel Commentary May 10, 2023
Halevi's Horizon: What Awaits the New Israeli Defense Chief of Staff FDD Research Memo April 17, 2023
PGMs: Iran's Precision-Guided Munitions Project in the Shadow of a Nuclear Deal FDD Research Memo September 12, 2022
PGM: Iran's greatest threat to Israel after nuclear program Jerusalem Post December 2, 2021
A New Threat to Iron Dome The Dispatch November 10, 2021
Tensions in Gaza and on Israel's Northern Border – What Next? FDD Insight August 17, 2020
Why we must steer clear of the Lebanon aid trap Fox News August 17, 2020
Without dismantling Hezbollah's arsenal, Lebanon will always be at risk Al-Arabiya August 6, 2020
Lebanon Is Collapsing and Urgent Reform Is Desperately Needed Newsweek August 4, 2020
Get Ready for a New Type of Israeli War The National Interest July 11, 2020
Don't Bail Out Tehran's Precision Guided Munitions Project Real Clear Defense May 15, 2020
Pompeo to Israel: A Scene Setter FDD Insight May 11, 2020
Don't Fall for Hezbollah's Coronavirus Con Washington Examiner March 27, 2020
Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran's Emerging Client State Wall Street Journal September 19, 2019
Israeli Security As the U.S. Leaves Syria Real Clear Defense January 7, 2019
Elections in Lebanon Pump Up Hezbollah Washington Times May 8, 2018
COMMENT CONTRECARRER LE HEZBOLLAH ? Foreign Affairs September 29, 2017
How Washington Can Counter the Rise of Hezbollah Foreign Affairs September 29, 2017
Russia Risks a Showdown With Israel over Hezbollah in Syria Newsweek April 29, 2017
The Winds of War in Lebanon FDD Policy Brief February 11, 2013
If Iran and Israel fight, Lebanon will be the first battlefield The Globe and Mail February 1, 2013
If March 8 Wins Now Lebanon March 5, 2009
Bilal Khazal linked to Lebanese terrorist group ABC Radio (Australia) October 6, 2003
Winning By Retreating? New York Post May 22, 2002
Withdrawal Wont Work Wall Street Journal April 15, 2002

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