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Title Publication Date
Preventing a Ramadan Explosion in the Holy Land The Liberal Patriot February 28, 2024
The UN agency that's supposed to aid Palestinian refugees has only made things worse Boston Globe February 8, 2024
Biden needs to follow Trump's lead on Iran January 31, 2024
Sanction the Hamas nongovernmental organization in Turkey Washington Examiner January 23, 2024
Iran-backed narco-terrorists are making billions and widening the war in the Middle East NY Post January 23, 2024
Pakistan, a New War Front? Commentary January 18, 2024
The Terrorist-Aid Agency Commentary January 7, 2024
Stop With the Nice Words on Qatar Commentary December 3, 2023
Targeting Jihad Yaghmour and the Hamas operation in Turkey Washington Examiner November 14, 2023
Israel's Hunt for the Sinwar Brothers Israel's Hunt for the Sinwar Brothers Commentary November 13, 2023
The Hezbollah Two-Step The Hezbollah Two-Step Commentary November 4, 2023
Nasrallah's Big Speech Nasrallah's Big Speech Commentary November 1, 2023
How Biden Should Handle Missiles from Yemen Commentary October 31, 2023
The Real Gaza Hospital Crisis Commentary October 23, 2023
Hamas, Israel, and the Danger of Safe Havens Long War Journal October 19, 2023
Hamas's Enablers Should Take Gaza Refugees Wall Street Journal October 15, 2023
No Incentives for Terrorism: U.S. Implementation of the Taylor Force Act and Efforts to Stop 'Pay-For-Slay' House Foreign Affairs Committee September 27, 2023
U.S. emboldens Hezbollah at Israel's expense Washington Times August 9, 2023
Iran's Multifront Strategy Against Israel Commentary May 10, 2023
Pray for Peace This Ramadan Newsweek March 21, 2023
Biden's State Department ignores Iranian death plots inside America New York Post March 8, 2023
Why the West Bank is in Chaos Washington Examiner February 24, 2023
What Would a Third Intifada Mean for Palestinians? Newsweek February 23, 2023
PGMs: Iran's Precision-Guided Munitions Project in the Shadow of a Nuclear Deal FDD Research Memo September 12, 2022
Are al Qaeda and Iran really at odds? Washington Times September 6, 2022
The Easy Way To Reset Saudi Ties: Sanction The Houthis Again 1945 August 20, 2022
A victorious Taliban is inspiring a new generation of Islamic extremists New York Post August 16, 2022
What Qatar Owes Afghanistan's Refugees Wall Street Journal August 15, 2022
Rushdie attack reveals — again — true nature of Iranian regime The Hill August 13, 2022
Turkey Supports Hamas, Which Means an Alliance With Israel Isn't Going To Happen Mosaic June 28, 2022
Hamas as Tehran's Agent Middle East Quarterly Spring 2022
Russia's Withdrawal From Syria Is an Opportunity for Israel Newsweek May 20, 2022
Biden throws Putin a nuclear lifeline Washington Examiner March 18, 2022
Yemen's Houthis Belong on the Terror List Wall Street Journal January 25, 2022
Oman Must Isolate, Not Embrace, the Houthis The National Interest January 22, 2022
PGM: Iran's greatest threat to Israel after nuclear program Jerusalem Post December 2, 2021
Book Excerpt: Iran Nuclear Negotiations Loomed Over the May 2021 Gaza War All Israel News November 24, 2021
Book excerpt: 'Gaza Conflict 2021′ dives into 'war between wars' Military Times November 18, 2021
A New Threat to Iron Dome The Dispatch November 10, 2021
American NGOs Rally Behind Groups Accused by Israel of Terrorism Newsweek November 4, 2021
The Bizarre Positive Biden Spin on Afghanistan Commentary Magazine October 2021
The War Between Wars Heats Up Commentary Magazine June 2021
Hamas violence meets Gulf silence The Hill May 22, 2021
The Truth About Hamas Washington Examiner May 21, 2021
Biden's overtures to Iran undercut US bid to end Hamas-Israel conflict New York Post May 14, 2021
A Closer Look at Israel's New High-Tech Barrier Real Clear Defense April 11, 2021
Celebrating a crucial milestone for the people of Sudan and for the United States The Washington Times October 28, 2020
Israel's next peace deal will be with Sudan New York Post September 23, 2020
Tensions in Gaza and on Israel's Northern Border – What Next? FDD Insight August 17, 2020
Why we must steer clear of the Lebanon aid trap Fox News August 17, 2020
Without dismantling Hezbollah's arsenal, Lebanon will always be at risk Al-Arabiya August 6, 2020
Get Ready for a New Type of Israeli War The National Interest July 11, 2020
Don't Bail Out Tehran's Precision Guided Munitions Project Real Clear Defense May 15, 2020
Pompeo to Israel: A Scene Setter FDD Insight May 11, 2020
Ending Iran's Fictions Commentary February 1, 2020
The New Rocket Threat to Israel Commentary Magazine January 2020
Assessing Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System FDD Research Memo November 13, 2019
Trump's Turkey problem Washington Examiner October 25, 2019
Turkey is now a haven for terrorists and an enabler of terrorism New York Post September 24, 2019
Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran's Emerging Client State Wall Street Journal September 19, 2019
Terrorism (The Definitional Debate) Israel Studies Summer 2019
Elections in Lebanon Pump Up Hezbollah Washington Times May 8, 2018
How Malaysia Became a Training Ground for Hamas Tablet Magazine May 7, 2018
The Iran-Israel War Flares Up Wall Street Journal February 12, 2018
How Trump can repair the damage from Obama's narcoterror fail New York Post December 18, 2017
'Hasm' claims responsibility for attack targeting Myanmar embassy in Cairo Long War Journal October 2, 2017
COMMENT CONTRECARRER LE HEZBOLLAH ? Foreign Affairs September 29, 2017
How Washington Can Counter the Rise of Hezbollah Foreign Affairs September 29, 2017
Stand up against these terror groups to bolster the US- Egypt alliance New York Post September 23, 2017
How Do Palestinians Define "Terrorism"? Wall Street Journal September 12, 2017
Trump's right: It's time to end the timetables for Afghanistan The Hill August 22, 2017
Hamas to Remain on the EU Terror List Real Clear Defense August 2, 2017
By Hosting Hamas, Qatar is Whitewashing Terror Newsweek May 11, 2017
The Careful Way to Go After Muslim Brotherhood Radicals New York Post February 13, 2017
Trump Wants to Shake Up the World Order? Here's Where He Should Start Politico Magazine December 11, 2016
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement attracting groups with terrorist ties The Hill November 2, 2016
The Potential of a Chinese Terror Threat The Weekly Standard October 5, 2016
Bogus foreign-policy debates: How we're helping our enemies fool us New York Post August 4, 2016
The Fight Against ISIS Will Suffer Because of Turkey's Coup New York Times July 19, 2016
Airport attack should have come as no surprise to Turkey New York Post June 30, 2016
Hamas Is Fracturing, And Israel Should Be Worried Newsweek February 25, 2016
How Terrorism Came Back to Turkey The National Interest January 18, 2016
Here's what all those terror terms actually mean New York Post December 13, 2015
Terror on the Cheap: Paris Attacks Required Little Funding FDD Policy Brief November 15, 2015
Why Hamas Has Not Unleashed Violence From Gaza WSJ Think Tank October 26, 2015
Warming Ties Between Hamas and South Africa FDD Policy Brief October 23, 2015
Blowback: Saudi Arabia vs. Russia in Syria The National Interest October 13, 2015
Treasury and State Department Target Islamic State Financiers FDD Policy Brief September 29, 2015
Turkey Awakens to the Islamic State Threat Within Wall Street Journal Europe August 21, 2015
Should America and Israel Let Their Enemies Kill Each Other Off? Politico Magazine July 7, 2015
Jihadi General Hospital Huffington Post March 11, 2015
A Resurgent Terrorist Threat in Turkey Wall Street Journal Europe February 5, 2015
Islamic State sleeper cells a threat to Turkey Long War Journal January 27, 2015
Hamas's Main Man From Turkey to Tehran Foreign Policy December 8, 2014
Boosting Turkey as it Backs Terror New York Post September 25, 2014
The Will to Win an Unavoidable War Washington Times July 30, 2014
An Unhelpful Ally Wall Street Journal Europe June 25, 2014
How Dangerous Is a Terrorist with a Twitter Handle? Foreign Policy June 7, 2013
Pariah State IHS Defense, Risk and Security Consulting June 2012
Egyptian Islamic Group plans to sue Interior Ministry over torture Long War Journal February 25, 2012
Early Warnings Ignored Middle East Quarterly Fall 2011
The Real Target In Libya Should Be Al-Qaeda National Post April 12, 2011
Who funded recent terror plots from Yemen? Fox Business November 1, 2010
Ahmadinejad's Iran and Bin Laden's al-Qaeda The Daily Caller August 16, 2010
The Continued Ineptitude Of Our Jihadi Enemies Daily Caller July 23, 2010
Delays in Terrorist Arrests Fox Business July 8, 2010
The Islamic Republic of Sudan? June 10, 2010
Top 10 Dumbest Terrorists AOL News May 12, 2010
The Arrest of Faisal Shahzad Fox News: Fox and Friends May 5, 2010
The Terror Case to Come Radio America: Dateline Washington May 4, 2010
9-11 Anniversary and Status of al Qaida Voice of America: Encounter September 13, 2009
Say It Out Loud: The Taliban Are Terrorists New Majority March 26, 2009
Selling Terror Weekly Standard (Online) April 16, 2008
The Prospects of al-Qaeda in Hamas-Controlled Gaza inFocus Fall 2007
Will Another Radical Faction Challenge Hamas? RJC Bulletin August 25, 2007
Hamas Rules National Review Online August 15, 2007
Hamas: Misrule in Gaza New York Post April 25, 2007
Where Is International Community In Fighting Terrorism's Financiers? Investor's Business Daily March 9, 2007
Interview with Jonathan Schanzer on "Al-Qaeda's Armies" March 3, 2005
Middle East Affiliate Groups and the Next Generation of Terror PolicyWatch December 15, 2004
Inside the Zarqawi Network The Weekly Standard August 16, 2004
The al-Qaeda Challenge to Saudi Arabia PolicyWatch July 29, 2004
The Link Between Saddam & Al Qaeda Fox News Channel: The O'Reilly Factor July 2, 2004
Saddam Hussein's Links to Zarqawi Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor July 1, 2004
Perspective On Johnson's Execution by al Qaeda Militants CNNfn June 18, 2004
Who is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Fox News May 15, 2004
A Look At The Changing Face Of Terroism CNN: In the Money May 13, 2004
Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003: Behind the Curve? PolicyWatch May 3, 2004
A Look At The Changing Face Of Terrorism CNN: In the Money March 13, 2004
Al Qaeda's Deadly Gamble Globe and Mail March 4, 2004
Saddam's Ambassador to al Qaeda Weekly Standard March 1, 2004
Ansar al-Islam: Back in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Yemen's War On Terror Orbis Summer
Yemen's al-Qaeda Amnesty PolicyWatch November 26, 2003
Countering Algerian Terror PolicyWatch October 28, 2003
Bilal Khazal linked to Lebanese terrorist group ABC Radio (Australia) October 6, 2003
New Evidence of Wider Threats from Lebanon's Asbat al-Ansar PolicyWatch October 3, 2003
Bomb at Jordanian Embassy in Iraq kills 10 CBC News Morning August 7, 2003
Arafat's Very Own Terror Brigades New York Post August 5, 2003
Al-Qaeda's Attacks in Saudi Arabia, 2003 Fox News: Brit Hume May 13, 2003
Foreign Irregulars in Iraq: The Next Jihad? PolicyWatch April 10, 2003
Ansar al-Islam: Postmortem or Prelude to More Attacks? PolicyWatch April 3, 2003
Ansar al-Islam: Iraq's al-Qaeda Connection PolicyWatch January 15, 2003
Behind the French Tanker Bombing PolicyWatch October 21, 2002
Algeria's GSPC and America's 'War on Terror' PolicyWatch October 2, 2002
Palestinian Uprisings Compared Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
Is America Winning? New York Post April 8, 2002
Why We Were Surprised By 9/11 Blueprint Magazine April 2002
In Matters of Counterterror, Israel and Egypt are Peas in a Pod Jewish Exponent March 14, 2002

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Target Tehran: How Israel is Using Sabotage, Cyberwarfare, Assassination—and Secret Diplomacy—to Stop a Nuclear Iran and Create a New Middle East
by Yonah Jeremy Bob and Ilan Evyatar
Washington Free Beacon October 15, 2023
Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden's Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End
by Jerry Dunleavy and James Hasson
Washington Free Beacon September 17, 2023
Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Islamist Writings on Resistance and Religion
by Erik Skare
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2022
The Bin Laden Papers: How the Abbottabad Raid Revealed the Truth about Al-Qaeda, Its Leader and His Family
by Nelly Lahoud
Washington Free Beacon June 1, 2022
Countdown Bin Laden: The Untold Story of the 247-Day Hunt to Bring the Mastermind of 9/11 to Justice
by Chris Wallace (with Mitch Weiss)
Washington Free Beacon September 12, 2021
The Rise and Fall of Osama Bin Laden
by Peter Bergen
Washington Free Beacon August 1, 2021
Beyond al-Qaeda. Part 1: The Global Jihadist Movement
by Angel Rabasa
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack
by Ronald Kessler
New York Post November 4, 2007
Hezbollah: A Short History
by Augustus Richard Norton
Jerusalem Post July 20, 2007
Al-Qaeda's Armies: Middle East Affiliate Groups and the Next Generation of Terror
by Jonathan Schanzer
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
The Road to Al-Qaeda: The Story of Bin Laden's Right-Hand Man
by Montasser al-Zayyat
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill
by Jessica Stern
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Al-Qaeda: The Terror Network that Threatens the World
by Jane Corbin
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror
by Rohan Gunaratna
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Al-Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror
by Paul L. Williams
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden
by Peter L. Bergen
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
Anti-American Terrorism and the Middle East: A Documentary Reader Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
Usama bin Laden's al-Qaida: Profile of a Terrorist Network
by Yonah Alexander and Michael S. Swetnam
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002

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